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Lil Pump  Releases Butterfly Doors With Asian Racial Slurs


The Florida rapper remained relevant through his use of social media last year as he didn’t release much . Other than “I Love It,” 2018 was somewhat of a quiet year for Jetski. A few weeks ago, Pump started to tease a song called “Butterfly Doors,” which fans seemed excited about. That was until they noticed an ad-lib that furthers negative stereotypes against Asian people.

The backlash has been legitimate with Asian rappers and the hip-hop community frustrated that Pump would be so ignorant to include a “Ching Chong” ad-lib in his unreleased song while slanting his eyes in a video. The teaser clip has since been deleted from the rapper’s page but the official single has now been given a release date.

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“Butterfly Doors” was released on January 4 and all eyes will be on Pump to see if he removes the racist remarks or not. We’ll be able to listen to his track now and given the controversy, we’re predicting that early streams will be pretty high.

Quotable Lyrics
CB on the beat, ho
Butterfly doors (Brr)
Jetski, Jetski
Butterfly doors (Ooh)
Space coupe look like a UFO (Whoa)
Smokin’ on dope (Damn)
They call me Yao ’cause my eyes real low (Low)
Pourin’ up fours (Whoa)
Baby mama whip a pot on the stove (Whip it)
Ain’t no joke (No)
You the type of nigga go cry to a ho (Ho)
Butterfly doors (Doors)
Space coupe look like a UFO (Whoa)
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