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Nipsey Hussle – Don’t Take Days Off feat. Dubb


– Don’t Take Days Off feat. Dubb .


It’s not uncommon to hear about rappers leaving their neighborhood, plagued by the narrative they switched up on the place that raised them. represented Crenshaw to the fullest. It wasn’t only a hood mentioned in his songs, but a place where he grew from a young entrepreneur to a Grammy-nominated rapper and accomplished businessman. The plaza housing his flagship Marathon clothing store was the same spot he grew up hustling. It’s no wonder he purchased a corner of the plaza before announcing that he dropped “a couple million” to acquire the entire plaza. Nip, who constantly preached about the value of Black ownership, was fighting against corporate gentrification in the neighborhood he grew up in on a grassroots level.On Sunday afternoon, was fatally shot at the age of 33. In front of the same store where his professional career as a rapper and entrepreneur began. To say his death was simply a loss for the hip-hop would be completely disrespectful toward his life’s work. Nip was a beacon of hope, an inspiration to the inner-cities, and a leader. As an artist, he embodied West Coast hip-hop in every way possible. A storyteller with an expansive homespun vernacular, Nip dropped gems about the industry and the streets in the same breath.

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